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Offida Pecorino DOC

White wine grapes produced with Pecorino, pale yellow with reflexes tending to greenish. The taste is fresh and very harmonious, and is a perfect and natural with dishes as fresh, light and balanced on the palate. From appetizers to vegetables and fish, white meat, fish until all round.

Production area:
Born in the hills of Piceno where the grape Pecorino today in the revival, is deeply tied (the name probably derives from traditional sheep, and the fact that the animals were very attracted to these grapes, mature ahead of the other varieties ). A cultivar our preserved and rediscovered by local winegrowers with great foresight.

Produced with the best grapes vinified Pecorino alone.

Organoleptic characteristics:
Has a characteristic straw colour with greenish. Presents smells very intense, vegetable and floral notes and a pleasant fragrance. Leaves the palate feeling of enduring freshness, which occur accompanied by notes typical of hawthorn, honey and tropical fruit. At freshness join a great balance and harmony taste. But also sapidity and fullness.

Chalice and service:
Serve flared tulips, which enhance the freshness of the wine, at a temperature of 8-10 ° C.

Matching with food:
Ideal with appetizers and snacks in general, is based on vegetables and fish. The best gives dishes with light, fresh flavours and not too accentuated. Excellent with meat and white, and generally delicious dishes with seafood, including the classic soups fresh catch of tradition.

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Biological farm controlled and certified by the authorized “SUOLO & SALUTE” agency

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