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Rosso Piceno Superiore "LU CIAK"

Rosso Piceno Superiore is obtained by Sangiovese and Montepulciano traditional grapes.
It has ancient origins and it is excellent combined with roasts, meat or cheese dishes.
Any possible presence of deposits has to be considered sign of genuineness.

Area of production:
this wine is produced in a quite narrow area included between Ascoli Piceno and San Benedetto del Tronto (AP), in the territory of 13 towns, as provided for the regulation. This area is characterized by sweet hills, typical of the Piceno territory and it is crossed by the Rosso Piceno Superiore way. This is a real journey through the best oenologic production of the Piceno, through towns such as Offida and Acquaviva.

Species of grapevines:
this wine is produced with 40% at least of Sangiovese grapes and 60% of Montepulciano grapes at most.

Organoleptic features:
when the wine is hardly mature its colour is a deep ruby-red with violet tints. When it is more mature the colours are more vivid with orange shades. The scents are fruity and floral and the taste is warm, dry and full bodied. The wine has a long and soft persistence where are clear withered fruits and flowers, jam and root of liquorice which is gently bitter.
The minimum overall alcoholic content is 12 °C. Optimal age: after three years the wine has the ideal ripening with features of refined and velvet softness. The wine produced in special vintages can be tasted also after five years. However it is possible to drink the wine from the 1 of November of the year following the vintage.

Wine glass and service:
before the consumption the wine has to be spilt in a tepid jug, then served in a small quantity at 18-20 °C, in a large and colourless stem glass, which allows to enjoy its taste and colour shades.

Food combination:
it varies according to the ripening degree of the wine. A more mature wine has a high degree of softness and harmony so it is excellent with tasty and structured dishes thanks to the balance between the food richness of taste and the wine harmony. It is very good combined with truffle base dishes or flavoured with wild fennel dishes, gravies, barbecues, bovine, pork and sheep meats, games, boiled and stewed meats. It is also good with the excellent local matured cheese called "Pecorino", with a good aged Parmesan or with a matured Gorgonzola together with local walnuts.

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Biological farm controlled and certified by the authorized “SUOLO & SALUTE” agency

Gruppo Quitadamo

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