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Rosso Piceno is obtained by Sangiovese and Montepulciano traditional grapes.
It has ancient origins and it is excellent combined with roasts, meat or cheese dishes.
Any possible presence of deposits has to be considered sign of genuineness.

Area of production:
this old wine of the Piceno has a wide area of production. The DOC (AC) has been recognized in 1968, but the origins of this wine date back to the Piceni's population, Italic people who populated this area before the settlement of the Romans. The wide area of production of Rosso Piceno extends to the provinces of Ascoli Piceno, Macerata and Ancona, from the hills to the Adriatic Sea.

Species of grapevines:
this wine is produced with percentages which varies from 30% to 50% for Sangiovese and from 35% to 70% for Montepulciano. Other red fruit species of grapevines, whose cultivation is admitted in the Marches, can reach 15% at most.

Organoleptic features:
the colour of this wine is red-ruby with violet shades which decrease with the progress of the refinement period. At the end fruity and floral scents with a clear note of plum emerge. All in all the taste is dry and harmonious.

Wine glass and service:
this wine has to be served at an ideal temperature of 18°C.

Food combination:
its best coupling is with local meats and salami and "porchetta" cooking. It is excellent with the Marches' cheeses, from Caciotta of Urbino to Pecorino of the Sybilline Mountains. It is very good also with local vegetable and pulses soups and with boiled meats accompanied by slightly spicy sauces.

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Biological farm controlled and certified by the authorized “SUOLO & SALUTE” agency

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