The Piceno territory is an important representation of climate and landscape which characterizes the whole region of the Marches.

Ever since the ancient times the area of the Piceno has been characterized in the regional territory as an area of a viticultural and wine production (it is the area with the higher density of vines) and at the same time it has always highlighted special areas of vocation of this production.

Among these areas there is Offida, at the moment protagonist of a new great DOC with the same name (together with other towns like Acquaviva Picena, Appignano del Tronto, Castel di Lama, Castorano, Castignano, Cossignano, Montefiore dell'Aso e Ripatransone), which has its origin in the rediscovery and the setting off of traditional and native viticultural heritage. The town is extremely bound to the wine production of the Piceno also for Rosso Piceno Superiore and Falerio dei Colli Ascolani.

There is also the area of Castorano and Acquaviva, crossed by the Rosso Piceno Superiore way, which is the place of main production of this DOC wine.
This area has been further set off in these last years thanks to an increasing red wine production of the region and a higher attention to quality. Moreover the area of Ripatransone covers an important role both in the production of Offida and in Rosso Piceno Superiore.

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