The cellar of the Crinale farm is a place where the passion of the Quitadamo family for the world of wine could be really expressed because it is here that any detail is put into real sensations of taste and sense of smell.

Moreover the cellar of the Crinale is the right point of contact between tradition and innovation. It expresses the traditional bond of this territory with the vine, the wine and their old working methods.

The room is traditional: it is an old countryside cottage with the classic cross vaults and the bricks at sight with a right balance between dampness and freshness. The control of the temperature is essential: in the room the level is optimal, between 10 and 15 °C, and the dampness level is about 75%.

The innovation is in the high technology of the equipment which finds in the steel-wood combination the synthesis of the best contemporary methodologies.

There are many stainless steel vats provided with control of the alcoholic fermentation and steeping temperature and with "follatori" to maximize the release of aromatic substances and tannins from the grapes peel. Then there are the sweet-smelling woods of the barrels and the barriques.

The great attention given to each stage of the process is evident in the features of the room utilized for the wine-making. The spaces of work are well-organized and differentiated.
From the area where grapes are worked to the areas where wine is bottled and stored, using technologies which protect the integrity of the final product and the hygienic safety.

We give great care also to final stage of wine production, to grant a fragrance which makes a wine special and unique with its own structure and body.
As a matter of fact there are the barrique room for the refinement of wine in French oak vats and the thermo conditioned area for the refinement in bottle.

This cellar is very modern and it has been created to give a new important value to traditional local heritage and to native grapevines of the territory.

We try to preserve at one's best in the wines all the perfumes and the fragrances of the grapes of the vineyard.

The cellar can also houses booked visits and it is possible to taste wines and typical products of the farm.

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