The barrique room is the part of the cellar more charming for connoiseurs and people fond of wine. This traditional room for wine refinement is obviously present in the Crinale Cellar too.

Here the very famous little barrels made with French oak of Allier's forest at controlled toasting are collected. They are responsible of the particular inkling of wine.

Scents and warm colours of wood are a charming call to tradition and to something which is unique and rare. It seems to enter in the heart of the farm, in an intimate and ancient atmosphere where more precious goods are kept.

In this room the barriques are very real caskets which allow wines to ripen in fragrance and density with a perfect harmony between the perfume of local grapes and the essence of wood.

Ambient temperature and dampness are constantly and automatically controlled through special technological instruments of monitoring.

The wine permanency in the barrique room varies according to the wine and the result wanted. It can last from 10 months to 2 years.

At the Crinale Cellar it is done great and new regard to oenological tradition of the Piceno through an increasing interest for research and rediscovery of the secrets of the tradition. At the same time it is also important the contemporaneity and what it offers to make wine an excellent feature of its territory.

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