The Crinale Cellar stems from the experience of the Quitadamo family in the field of viticultural growing and the marketing of wine grapes in the whole of Italy.

The family tradition in this area starts in the Seventies-Eighties with the sale of wine-grapes in their Lombard wholesale shop specialized in selling fruit and goes on in the Nineties with the experience in the field taking care of their grapevines.

Today, beginning from this proved experience, the Quitadamo family feels the need to form a structure of wine-making where it is possible to carry out the experience and the knowledge acquired in the grape-growing and wine-making.

The Crinale Cellar is founded in 2006 summer just from the wish to realize a ten-year passion: to devote oneself to a production of his own of excellent wines based on an in-depth knowledge of this typology of growing and also of the grapes and their particular times.

The care and the passion that the Quitadamo family puts in each different activity which carries out are also clear in the wine production. All the activities are joined by the interest towards the naturalness and the real production genuineness.

However the simplicity and the care towards natural procedures which assure the good quality of the final product don't leave out the use of the most modern and safest systems of wine-making, storage, bottling and refinement.

As well as an excellent and genuine product, there is the certainty of a production where nothing is a chance event and where the continuous updating is warranty of high quality.

The Crinale Cellar is a real place of other times thanks to modern instruments, natural qualities of an area devoted to viticultural and wine production and constant commitment in a traditional family management. Here the wine is still made with passion by its producers and can meet and stimulate the passion of the tasters.


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